Saturday, February 4, 2012

Killer App for IPv6 - the home Cloud?

I was honored to be on RunAs Radio talking with Richard Campbell about IPv6.  We talked a bit about what the impact on IPv6 may be - and in a perfect world nobody should really notice, IP addresses should be under the covers.  One thought came to me was IPSec and I recalled an interview I heard on a previous show with some guys from Microsoft.  They were talking about how they could access their office network from anywhere in the world, VPN technologies were just built in.

After the interview was over another thought came to me.  With all of this talk of the cloud, what happens if the devices within our home can be included in this thing we call the cloud.  I find all of the software on my PC to be easier to use for managing my photos and music than any "cloud" app.  I also have a problem paying rent to access my own photos and music.  But wait!  What if I could stream or access photos from the hard drive in my house?

How many times have you taken photos with a fancy camera and didn't have time to upload them.  I pull out my smartphone to show picture to friends and family - and of course can only access those that I remembered to upload.

Gee, what if my home was part of the cloud?  If I could securely access all photos, videos, and music from my phone as if it were part of the cloud!   You could extend Skydrive or YouTube or Picasa to include the home.  For content that you wanted to share with the world the upload/share button would move it to a public server.  For those thousands of pictures of kids and dogs (cat people already have a web site), just pull out the smartphone and share with the grandparents.

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