Saturday, February 4, 2012

Better UI, Please!

I use Quicken to manage my money (a.k.a herd cats).  This morning I launched Qucken and it politely indicated that an update was available and asked whether to download & apply the update now?  I selected "yes" - and the window closed.

Nothing else seemed to happen.  No other window popped up.  Thinking that maybe it had applied the update and closed, I launched Quicken again.  A dialog came up indicating that Quicken was already running and that if this message kept occurring I should reboot the computer (yes - the suggested fix was basically toggle the power switch).

Opening Task Manager and viewing the network activity tab showed a slow trickle of data.  Popping open Wireshark showed me the IP address, and using nslookup determined the address tracked back to  I used Wireshark for two reasons:  where was the conversation to, and was anything actually being downloaded?

10 minutes later a dialog finally came up stating the update was ready to install - and pressing the "next" button gave me an installation progress bar.

Yo!  Quicken!!   Bad UI!

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