Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter storm, March 2011.

Frosty waits patiently by the door not realizing it's going to be awhile before he can go out.  I had to get a snow shovel from the garage and shovel snow by standing in the living room.   

Later the snow climbed up the glass, covering the first row of squares.   The wind was blowing the snow off the roof and by the time the storm was over one had to look up to see out the window.  The strange part was that about 25ft from the house the grass was exposed.  The winds were very strong throughout the day, and the snow accumulated very fast during the morning.  At times the visibility was near zero.

The neighbors kid got out his snowboard and asked if he could try out the drift.  I said, "go for it."

This snowdrift was nearly 7ft tall by the end of the day, and the deck is 3ft off the ground.  Therefore I estimate the total height to be about 10-11ft.  For the fun of it (and partly necessity) I dug a tunnel down the stairs to the ground below.

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