Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mt Washington, Climb to the Clouds 2011

Subaru USA - D. Higgins

David Higgins start of record breaking run. I think he broke the record on both of his runs, but the sky was clear at the top for all second runs of the day.  According to Nick, one couldn't see more than 25ft near the top during the first run.
Nick Wheelock - second run

You'll notice that part of Nick's front left bumper is missing - he slid off on his first run doing minor damage to the car.  After coming to a full stop he turned the wheel and drove back on the roadway and continued his run to the top.  The fog was so thick he said he could have used a cane out the window to feel around for the road.
Score board first run - Click to zoom

As I walked back to the parking area at the end of the day I was able to see the top of the mountain and the sun reflecting off the windshields of the cars as they drove back down.  Pretty amazing change considering that I drove to the base that morning in rain and fog.

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