Tuesday, August 25, 2009

dang - text not working

Okay - I just realized that many (most) of my TXT posts aren't exactly readable. dang. This is the first time I've used the laptop in a week - maybe now I will get a smart phone.

We're in Cheyenne WY. There is an amazing thunder storm rolling through right now. Oh and a huge Union Pacific rail yard too. It would be cool to stay here just to watch them move trains.

A few days ago we drove south of Yellowstone into the Tetons. While talking to a Park Ranger about road conditions to Cheyenne he told us that our planned route was pretty dug up. 30 miles of "by escort pilot car only" - plan on "many hour" delays - so long that they come by and give you a newspaper and tell you turn off your car. So we rerouted for today and went back through the park to Cody and then down south through Casper. 65-75 mph most of the way.

We are now officially East bound on I-80, be back in a week.

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