Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Council Bluffs IA

We're staying in Council Bluffs IA (across the river from Omaha). This is a large city area.

Union Pacific Golden Spike Tower was cool and worth the stop over. We spoke with a guy who is a model train hobbyist. He told us that the local club had acquired a working N-scale model of the North Platte "East Hump." (25 ft by 5 ft) It was originally created in the 1980's as a working scale model used to train people on how the hump yard worked. They are working to reassemble it and get it back into working order. It was housed in a box car and then removed sometime in the mid-80's and given to the university. Union Pacific was able to find the box car sitting on a side rail somewhere in Mexico. The hope is to get the car back to North Platte and put the whole thing onto a rail beside the museum by 2010.

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