Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse was never photographed - so nobody really knows what he looks like. This was a really neat memorial carving and definetly worth the stop. They have a nice visitors center with a small movie theater that plays a mini-documentary detailing the history of this monument. We paid extra to take the bus tour up the side of the mountain. It doesn't go all the way to the top - but it does get you close enough to take better pictures. They only allow visitors at the top once a year (see their web site for more info).

The one statistic that I found amazing is that all four of the heads on Mt Rushmore fit into the single head of Crazy Horse. This thing is huge. They had their largest ever blast the day that I was there. I knew about it before hand but we couldn't make it fit into our schedule.

This was the day we drove to Devils Tower in Wyoming and then came back around to Crazy Horse in the afternoon (with a second and longer stop at Mt Rushmore in between). We ate dinner at the Crazy Horse Memorial center.

I'll also recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Custer, SD (a short distance from Crazy Horse Memorial). It rivals many of the Hilton's and Marriot's I've stay at.
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